Code of Conduct

NPR events are about exploring subjects and issues in an environment that encourages dialogue and helps build community. We strive to be inclusive, to foster creativity and to promote growth and ground-breaking ideas. We are committed to providing a respectful, collaborative space for participants to engage with diverse and provocative content and perspectives and to experience NPR like never before.

"National Public Radio will serve the individual; it will promote personal growth; it will regard the individual differences ... with respect and joy rather than derision and hate; it will celebrate the human experience as infinitely varied rather than vacuous and banal; it will encourage a sense of active constructive participation, rather than apathetic helplessness."

--NPR Founding Board Member, Bill Siemering, 1970


This following behavior is welcomed and encouraged at NPR events:

  • Being respectful of other participants’ voices, ideas and space.

  • Nerding out about your favorite NPR programs.

At NPR, we do not tolerate behavior that is disruptive, abusive or violent. By attending our events, you agree to abstain from the following unacceptable behavior:

  • Invading others’ privacy and space; stalking.

  • Threatening others; making offensive verbal comments.

  • All harassment in any form, including, but not limited to unwanted sexual attention and physical contact.

  • Actions that marginalize or discriminate against a person.

  • Solicitation of services, products or causes.

  • The possession, sale, or use of illegal drugs or other unauthorized controlled substances.

  • The possession of firearms, dangerous weapons or other dangerous devices (subject to applicable local law).

  • Bullying, fighting or violence of any kind.


If you experience or observe behaviors that violate the principles of this Code of Conduct, please take action.

  • Illegal activities should be reported to 911 and also to on-site security.

  • If you have any other concerns at an NPR Presents event, please immediately alert an NPR staff member or contact us at We will make reasonable efforts to address any issues in as timely a manner as possible.


For a full description of the NPR’s Ticketing Policy, please visit This Ticketing Policy covers a variety of issues including privacy, changes to events, NPR recordings and your agreement to appear in recordings, and other terms that help NPR ensure these are successful events for NPR and all who attend.